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Found 1 course by Online Programming Instructor Shibaji Paul

C Programming - Complete Tutorial For Beginners

C Programming - Complete Tutorial For Beginners

Online programming instructor Shibaji Paul

The course will teach you C language from beginner to advanced level. Will prepare you for your technical interview.

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About Online Programming Instructor Shibaji Paul

Hi, I have been teaching computer science and programming since 2001. I did my M Tech in Computer Science and remained visiting faculty to the CSE department of Narula Institute of Technology. I have my own training institute where I provide training on various programming languages and technologies to the B Tech students on C, C++, Java, Android programming, Data structure and Algorithm, DBMS, SQL and PL/SQL. In my class room I usually teach 100-150 students per semester on different subjects. With the udemy platform now it is possible to teach and spread my knowledge to thousands (may be more)of students across the globe, Udemy opens up vast opportunity for instructor like me and that with remuneration. I guess it's going to be a fantastic. When I am not taking class I enjoy learning some new technologies. In my leisure time one could find me enjoying with my kids or gossiping with my beautiful wife over a container of tea. I am a "tea-totaller" (guess the meaning :) ) and hate smoking. I have a definite plan to launch an online course on topic "How to drink tea - the best way" on udemy for sure and also on "How to quit smoking - the best way". Let's hope for the best, happy learning.

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