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How to Solve Linear Equations in 5 Simple Steps

How to Solve Linear Equations in 5 Simple Steps

Karim Premji

The skills and tips you need to quickly master how to solve the 4 major types of linear equations in 5 easy steps.

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About Karim Premji

A graduate of the University of Toronto's Engineering Science Program, Karim has worked with hundreds of students of all levels to help them discover that Math is a subject that can be mastered so long as they have the right teacher to steer them along the journey. While studying Aerospace Engineering, Karim acquired a deep understanding of mathematics and science and has practiced engineering for 18 years. Karim operates a Math Learning Centre in the Northern suburbs of Toronto where he has mentored and guided hundreds of students to success in math with his patient and endearing teaching approach. He has a knack for explaining difficult concepts in simple terms and his clear and engaging lecture videos will give you the tips, tricks and strategies to solve difficult math problems. Karim wasn't always a Math Wiz and success with Math did not come easily. He struggled with fractions and long division in middle school until a caring and patient math teacher helped him to discover that math was a subject not to be feared and could be mastered with patience and discipline. Now students all over the globe can share Karim's math wisdom and passion and discover their own Math Wiz within. Join Karim on Udemy and propel your Math knowledge to the next level!

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