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Found 1 course by Hussam AL-Ghamdi

HTML Complete Course - Beginner to Expert

HTML Complete Course - Beginner to Expert

Hussam AL-Ghamdi

Learn and Understand HTML & HTML5 From a total Beginner to and Expert HTML Web Developer


About Hussam AL-Ghamdi

My name is Hussam Alghamdi, I am a Teacher and a Web Developer, and i am also passionate to teach every single step that lead students to become successful. What i know about web development: * Front-End web development: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and more... * Back-End web development: Node, Express, Angular, MongoDB, and more... I am passionate about: * Teaching students the correct way. * Making things simple and easy to understand. * Providing the best audio and video qualities to my courses. My strategy: my strategy is teach others as if i were teaching my self to code, in this way my teaching skills increases, because i cannot teach my self in a bad way, and by this strategy my students leave my courses satisfied.

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